CharmCorp, are here to provide for our clients quality testing solutions. With our services, clients can be sure of of finding no glitches or defects which often disrupt the business processes…

Why testing services? Why contact us?

If you are pretty much concerned with the testing but would like to spend not more for the same or if you are the one for whom management and costs go spiralling out of control then we are here for you. We provide customized testing solution for our clients.

Our team of professionals have unmatched expertise in various types of testing such as system testing, integration testing, regression or performance testing, Security testing or operational acceptance testing , accessibility or compatibility testing etc.

Benefits for you

  • Providing quality testing solutions to help you move on with error-free or bug-free IT app or software solutions.
  • Improving the level of productivity.
  • Curtail on IT costs by 40% and above.
  • Quick turnround time.